In order to accomplish the organizational goal of creating positive change in our community, MAHC has developed several committees each with a specific focus area.  Committee members are invited to participate on a committee and join MAHC’s efforts to improve the quality of life in Mesa.

  • Education
    • Chair:  Monica Margaillan
  • Public Safety Co-Chairs:
    • Brent Burgett (MFMD) and Ruben Quesada (MPD)
  • Latino Town Hall Co-Chairs:
    • Monica Margaillan, Mesa Community College
    • Marrisa Ramirez-Ramos, City of Mesa
    • Raul Betancourt, Mesa Public Schools
  • Public Policy
    • Chair:  Deanna Villanueva-Saucedo
  • PR & Marketing
    • Chair:  Joseph Ortiz
  • Liaison to City of Mesa/HR and Diversity
    • Teresa Pena